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The four Councils along with cells carry out the executive responsibilities of the Students’ Gymkhana. Each council executes affairs pertaining to an overarching purpose. The Councils comprise Clubs, Hobby Groups, and Institute Teams, which cater to specific activities.


Science and Technology Council

The SnT Council of IIT Indore is a community of science and technology enthusiasts who love to explore the unthinkable.


Cultural Council

The Cultural Council of IIT Indore orchestrates a diverse array of cultural events throughout the year, fostering artistic expression and community engagement among students and faculty alike.


Sports Council

The Sports Council is the voice and face of IIT Indore sports community, responsible for management and conduction of all sporting events in the campus.


Academic Council

The Academics Council has been trusted with the responsibility of managing executive activities in two of the most crucial aspects of student life - Academics and Career.


About Us

A major attraction of IITI is its eminent faculty members and flexible education system. The faculty at IITI is one of the best among Indian professional institutes. The faculty members are excellent teachers and mentors and have many achievements in their fields. Most of our professors are researchers themselves and are deeply connected to their subjects of interest, says a student. It is this attitude of our professors that really makes them special and attractive to our students. Student Gymkhana is the student organization of IIT Indore. The Senate consists of two branches namely the Executive and the Councillors. The elected representatives of the students strive to promote growth and leadership among the students by helping them maximize their talents by coordinating various programs. To promote co-curricular activities and interests. Gymkhana has a number of clubs and groups dedicated to the interests of the students.

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